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Liza is a self-taught artist who has spent many years travelling, living and exhibiting her work in England, Scotland and Australia. Born into a multi-cultural family in South Africa, she is now settled in the beautiful Mississippi Valley in Iowa

USA with her husband, cats and a host of birds, deer, squirrels, trees and other natural elements which inspire her to create her original hand made jewelry, gifts and artwork which are for sale in local galleries and online internationally.









Liza developed a love for jewelry design whilst living in Australia, and started her own pewter jewelry range from her original wax carvings. Her unique and exclusive jewelry pieces are her most popular creations and feature whimsical animals, nature elements and Art Nouveau inspired motifs.

Her mediums include watercolors, print making, wax sculpture for her pewter jewelry casting, acrylics and pen & ink.












Liza is deeply passionate about what she creates; all of her work is derived from her imagination, Universal Consciousness and the natural world.


My work explores our creative consciousness through art; I have always felt this instinct to portray the world within and around me in visual forms. Ever since holding my first crayon at age two I have been fascinated by art; fuelled by the desire to draw, paint, print, sculpt or sew what my imagination conjured up.

I love painting symbolic images, from a Feminine perspective, inspired by our connection to Nature and the Universe in a visionary way, incorporating mythical, archetypal, folk and fantasy elements.


In my work I explore all the wonderful things that continue to inspire and fascinate me: fairies, mermaids, nature, mythology, spirituality, archetypes, animals, the beauty of human romance, poetry and my imagination…..

You can read more about her artwork, inspirations and processes on Liza's Creative Journal Blog.


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Please note that all my original artwork is protected by copyright laws. 
If you are interested in using any of my images, please contact me and I would be glad to help you

whimsical owl girl painting owl sister art
Liza Paizis 2020 oct.jpg
cat etching cat with fish picture
cat pewter pendant cat lover jewelry
barn owl keychain owl spirit jewelry
the sun andmoon lovers romantic art
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